Due Diligence ---- Executive Profiling

We believe that, in business, whoever has the best people wins. Accordingly, Kaosco strives to help identify the best talent for particular positions. Kaosco discreetly assesses our clients' candidates on their relevant experience, character and talent thereby providing our clients with shortlists of the very highest caliber. We are typically engaged to profile potential Senior Executives and non-Executive Directors/Board Members in markets, or sectors, which are new to our clients and where our clients are looking to choose individuals with the level of access and influence requisite in a market entry play. Such work may typically include:
  • Verification of CV details including former employment, educational qualifications, and memberships of professional associations;
  • Profiling the candidates' background and life-style;
  • Summarising the candidates' public profile through thorough research of media in all relevant languages;
  • Summarising the candidates' professional reputation through enquiries with human sources;
  • Profiling the candidates' commercial interests;
  • Checks with relevant regulatory bodies and searches of local legal databases to ensure no disciplinary or legal action has been taken against the candidate and;
  • Researching significant associations of candidates, particularly those within the political sphere, if applicable.